Tuesday 30th June 2020 - Lesson 12

Community Presentation - Over to you for final  part of work to complete Level 2 Award. 

This lesson will be delivered LIVE over Zoom in small groups facilitated by a tutor.  You will need to:

***Email your presentation over to contact@aptitude.org.uk, at least 1 hour before your Zoom call.

We will send you a Zoom invite for your allocated time slot, which will be one of below.  If you have emailed over your time preference that will be given, otherwise you will be allocated where there is a space.  You will be given maximum 15 minutes to talk us through your learning about the community you have researched.  The hour you will need to take part to listen to colleagues and give feedback.

Monday 29th June


Tuesday 30th June


Tuesday 7th July



30th June deadline for Community Presentation, which should include:

*Research on the area where you deliver youth work, location, ward, what services are there for young people?  Where is your setting?

*A Map to be included and mark on where your Organisation is located and other youth work providers in your area.

*Tell us about the make up of the area in terms of diversity, culture, poverty, crime etc.

*Views of young people.

This should be presented as a powerpoint/word document, or can be written up notes as a pdf.

Please email Community Presentation over at least 1 hour before your presentation to contact@aptitude.org.uk

See below for guide and examples.